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One major caveat to personal paranormal experiences is there is scarce or no direct evidence to support the personís claim.  No matter how credible or sincere a person may appear, there remains a level of skepticism when they relate their paranormal experience to others. 


The purpose of a paranormal investigation is to search, record, and document, objective and verifiable evidence that either supports or debunks paranormal encounter claims.


I. Our mission:  Investigate and collect evidence to support or debunk the paranormal encounters.


II. Objective: Given a suspected paranormal event or incident, and using specialized equipment, well trained objective minded people we research, investigate, analyze, and report our findings.


III. Method:  Paranormal activity remains elusive and unpredictable.  Consequently, we  bring a wide array of investigative equipment that affords us the best advantage to capture and document  paranormal activity should the opportunity present itself. Once captured we analyze the evidence using computers, specialized software, and high-end video analysis equipment.


IV. Our burden of proof:  We look for probability based on elimination of normal explanation. In our paranormal investigation recurrence and duplication is the standard. We conduct a primary investigation to collect baseline information.  Weeks or months later we return to conduct a follow on investigation.  We compare the evidence from the two investigations.  If we find similarity between investigations without normal explanation then probability of paranormal activity increases. Once we find high probability we move from preliminary survey to detailed investigation which can span weeks or months.


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