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In our paranormal research we start with a ghost story.  From there we formulate a plan to verify or debunk the story through a series of objective tests. Unless and until our suspicions are confirmed by measurements it remains a ghost story.   If we get some measurements that suggest  we are on the right track it allows us to develop better tests.  A failure is a positive step because it tells us we need to reexamine the story or alter our test methods.   Continued success without the need to change the ghost story convinces us that we’re on the right track to a good approximation to reality.


In paranormal research there are no absolute truths, because after all we cannot make an experiment that is infinitely accurate. Instead we search for successive approximations. That is why we can claim that our paranormal research in present day is remarkably successful even though it has some pretty wild ghost stories buried in it.  This is the challenge facing our  researchers, to bring forth successive convincing evidence that ghosts exist.  In our research we have some good approximations but we have a long way to go.

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