The Big Spring investigation proved interesting on many levels.  We found an entity that is capable of manipulating its environment.  We suspect the entity and the ELF are somehow connected but we need to do more research.  For this reason we plan to return to Big Spring in 2011 to conduct a follow-up with newer equipment and new investigators.  Hopefully we will be able to publish more findings in a later edition.  Until then good hunting.




Big Spring Poltergeist
In our EVP we hear what sounds to be a child.  The child seems to say, "Oww look at all the cool stuff." 

We found this EVP significant since it gives us clues about the entity.  First the voice is that of a child.  Second the child uses two words, cool and stuff, which are colloquiums to the middle and later 20th century.  Third the child said," look."  If the child was by them self we find no reason for them to draw attention to the objects on the bed.  We hypothesis that the child is talking to someone else in the room.  Because the child apparently saw the objects and responded, this suggests that the spirit is interactive.

If as we suspect there are two entities occupying this home it might explain the varied events.  As one of the owners daughters seemed to bear the brunt of attention by the entity perhaps the child ghost was trying to play with the daughter.  When the daughter did not comply the other child ghost tried to get her attention.

The cat  reported by the home owners is typical of a residual haunting, a memory that seems caught in an endless loop of performing the same action over and over.

West Texas Paranormal


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Some people mistakenly call ELFs  vortex.  An ELF is more like a cloud than a tornado.  The ELF at Big Spring was about four feet wide, forty feet long, and three feet deep , appearing egg shaped.  We measured  the ELF's dimension using a Cell-Sensor EMF detection meter.   At the center we read 5 milligaus, a mid-range reading on the meter, about the power of a cell phone signal. 

The ELF appeared suspended in midair and stationary.  The readings were highest in the center, tapering of to the ends and sides.  Using a trifield meter we eliminated artificial sources as the energy such as power lines or car alarms.  This ELF appeared to be of a natural origin.

Once inside the home we conducted an interview and scanned the interior for abnormal energy signatures.  There was one room that virtually each paranormal investigator got an eerie feeling when that entered, the master bedroom.  As most would describe later it felt like a foreboding oppressive feeling.

Jace was the first to feel physical contact with something out of the ordinary.  He reported feeling like something tugging on his shirt.  We would later discover that the spirit had found Jace amusing and would respond to his request like a child looking for approval or attention.

Jace and Valori conducted an EVP session in the master bedroom.  During their session Jace asked the entity to lower the room temperature.  Within a few moments the investigators became cold and they could see their breaths.  Jace asked if the entity could make the room warmer, this was when we caught our first EVA of what sounds like a child talking in a whisper.  Jace recalled that he felt like someone was standing beside him in the room.

Based on Jace's report we decided to set up some equipment in the center of the room in hopes of enticing the entity to interact with us or the equipment.  On the bed we placed several toys, some of our investigation tools and digital recorder. 

As we left the room and closed the door behind.  We captured the voice of a child apparently amused by the equipment left on the bed.


Big Spring is a city in Texas that is at the crossroads of  U.S. Highway 87 and Interstate 20.  A young mother and her daughters settled in Big Spring.  They move into a fixer-upper of a house on the outskirts of the city  to lead a normal life.  As they began to refurbish their home strange things happen.  Objects seem to move under their own power.  A ghostly cat appears and runs across the floor then disappear into a wall.  One daughter becomes the center of attention of mischievous and sometimes an ill tempered unseen force. 

The family invited West Texas Paranormal to investigate their home.  This was our first reported poltergeist investigation.   We did not know what to expect so we followed basic protocols with an initial interview and electromagnetic sweeps of the area.  This gave us our first clue that this was going to be not a normal ghost hunt!

The first indication of paranormal activity Investigators found was a free-floating Extremely Low  Frequency (ELF) energy field outside the home.  Our research shows that we find ELFs in conjunction with paranormal activity.  An ELF is a natural earth energy normally present during earth quakes and thunderstorms.  The ELF we discovered was in the driveway.  The ELF field was oblong about 40 feet long, it hovered stationary three feet above ground level.  Jace our specialist on electromagnetic fields surveyed the ELF and filed a video report shown below.  Later Jace and Valori come in direct contact with the entity.