Infrared Video - Officers' Quarters One West Bedroom

18 October 2008.  Our team was invited to participate in a haunted Fort Concho event.  During a break in the activity we conducted a short investigation and caught a closet door opens by itself twice.  There had been people in and out of this room all evening and the door had not moved.



First encounter with Edith (Edie) Grierson.  August 31, 2007.  Debra Belle standing outside Officers' Quarters One, near the dining room window conducting a preliminary digital recording survey.

Debra asks, "Edie do you want to come play with us?"































































Meet the ghost







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Fort Concho
New Electronic Voice Phenomenon Evidence (Oct 29 to 30, 2012) Read more: How to Embed a WAV Player |

1 - Don't Leave Yet - Back story

2 - White Claw

3 - Heather's Encounter with Edie


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Back Story

Don't Leave Yet.

Amy an eight year old girl and her mother visited Officer Quarter's One on the evening of October 29, 2012.  Amy and her mother along with Steve (a paranormal investigator) visited the second floor west bedroom.  As they were about to leave they said good bye to Edie.  In a whisper caught on her digital recorder we hear a voice say, "Don't leave yet."


White Claw

Heather (a paranormal investigator) was leading a tour into Edie's bedroom of OQ1.  While Heather is talking about an previous EVP we captured of a voice of a native American male, our digital recorder captures a voice whisper "White Claw."  We theorize that Edie is disclosing the name of the Native American whose voice we caught on EVP in 2007.


Heather's Encounter with Edie


Heather (a paranormal investigator) was leading a tour into Edie's bedroom of OQ1.  Heather had just began her distortion about our encounter with the native American when our digital recorders captures a voice in whisper talking.  Heather responds that her arm was suddenly cold, shortly after we hear the voice again say "White Claw."

We think that Edie was interjecting information into the conversation and when Heather did not respond Edie touched her arm to get her attention.









September 2008, Infrared Video - Stairwell Officers' Quarters One.


Jackie and Valori are descending the stairs.  Our Infrared camera catches a flare of activity between Valori and Jackie.  The misty substance appears and rises upward passing through Jackie.


We tried to repeat this anomaly using dust and spider webs.  On July 2009 Jackie wearing the same clothes went up and down the stairs under infrared surveillance yet we could not recreate the anomaly.









Digital Voice Recording  - East Bedroom


September 2008


Jackie and Valori are in a pitch black room.  They hear footsteps coming up the stairs then the bedroom door opens.

Jackie asks, "Edie is that you?"

The reply seems to be in a male voice and what we think is a Lakota Sioux dialect that says Ad da wakan, "No harm."

























Digital Voice Recording July 2009 Final Investigation

Heather a new investigator in training reports a funny feeling while she was in the ground floor parlor of Officers' Quarters One.  It is 5:00 p.m. in the afternoon in a sunny bright room.

We send in three investigators with electromagnetic equipment, digital recorders, and an digital 8mm video camera.  The set up is  that Heather, Valori, and Jackie are to sit in the parlor and talk to one another in hopes of encouraging interaction.

As in earlier investigations we hear a static snap followed by a digital recording of a woman's voice calling to someone and then a girl humming.  The humming voice when computer analyzed is a close match to Edie's.






















Digital Voice Recording  West Bedroom

September 2008 follow up investigation.  Wendy and Teri in the West Bedroom conducting a follow up investigation using digital recorder and electromagnetic measurements devices.

Digital recorder captures a snap followed by Alice Grierson calling out "Edie!", then Edie replies, "yes ma."


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