Meet the ghost of 334 W. Concho Ave










Sallie Adcock was married to John Adcock a rancher near Del Rio, Texas in 1881.  In the late 1890s John died.  Sally moved in with John's sister Betty Adcock who lived in San Angelo.  Betty was one of the town's laundresses.  We assume that Sallie helped Betty by doing laundry for the guest houses in San Angelo around the turn of the 1900s.

334 W. Concho was owned by the Lemons family who took in six roomers and had a need for a laundress.  We do not know when or under what conditions Sallie died, but her spirits lives on at 334 W. Concho as a kindly caretaker.


Olive Frank we think was related to Henry Frank a sutter (general store owner) for Fort Concho.  Henry Frank was a German immigrant.  A U.S. Census provided us a tantalizing clue on Olive as perhaps Henry's daughter.  In our investigation we find that Olive and Sallie seem to have a relationship and are not far from one another.  Olive is the more talkative of the spirits.