Old Fort Concho - Encounter with Eedie Grierson

an Eye Witness Account

Submitted by B.D. Shaffer

This is  the story of my encounter with Edie Grierson back in the mid-nineties at Officer’s Quarters #1. You may have heard the tale regarding "the florist" or simply Googled "Haunted Ft. Concho."

I was not a florist, but I was a delivery driver for Tom Ridgway, who happens to be a very fine florist in San Angelo.

The true story of what actually happened is as follows:

I arrived at work early one morning and Tom was already loading up a van with several arrangements. He told me to get in and we headed over to the director’s office at Ft. Concho . We had to get a key to OQ#1. Someone was holding a reception there following a funeral. We unlocked the door and went in. Tom handed me two small vase arrangements and told me to put one in the upstairs bedroom on the west side and the other on the dresser in the east bedroom while he worked downstairs. I held a vase in each hand as I went up the stairs. I walked into the bedroom on the west side and was compelled to say, "Excuse me," as it felt as though I had walked between two people. It must have been a static electrical field, as all the hairs on my arms and the back of my head stood out straight.

I walked across the hall to the east bedroom. I lost my right eye in a car wreck in 1980 so I have developed strong peripheral vision in my left eye. As I entered the room I noticed a young girl sitting on the floor to my left. I set the vase on the dresser and as I turned toward her she faded away. I would classify her as a full body non-vaporous apparition due to the fact that she looked solid.

I immediately went downstairs and told Tommy what I had seen. This was not my first paranormal rodeo. He had heard other stories of strange things that I had seen and we had known each other since we were teenagers at church.

The next day we had to go out to a house at Lake Nasworthy to pick up some artificial arrangements. Tommy introduced me to the lady and told me that she and her husband were responsible for the restoration of OQ#1. He asked me to tell her what I had seen. When I finished she said that it was "Edie," and that she had died in that room. It made sense to me then.

That December I visited OQ#1 during Christmas at Old Ft. Concho. A docent approached me and asked how I liked the building. I told her I thought it was spook central and related the occurrence. She took me into another room and showed me a photograph of Edith Grierson. It was the same little girl whose face was burned into my memory.

There were no jacks found on the floor, no lady of the house, no flower arrangements had been moved or anything other than what I have written above. It was strange enough as it was. Anything else is an embellishment for whatever purpose by whoever lives in San Angelo .

My family and I left San Angelo in 2000. We returned in 2003 for a visit and for my wife’s 20th high school reunion. I called fort and spoke with Cory Robinson and met with Bob Bluthardt before we went back. I told him I would like to do a little investigating there and also after dark. I took my digital camera, my 35mm, a digital laser thermometer and an EMF meter. I got a little orb floating in the stairwell as well as one in Edie’s room. It could have been a lone dust particle, but if it was Edie, why would there be any others? Later that night between midnight and 1:00 am , I went back and walked around the outside of OQ#1. I got an interesting spike with the EMF when I stepped up onto the front porch. I fired my digital camera and got a small light floating in front of me about halfway down the porch. I took another shot and it wasn’t there anymore. I shot towards the parade ground and got an unusual fog.

I am attaching the photos from that day and evening.

I wish the people that have published this embellished story would get it right. They would have my permission to use my name if they would just tell the truth. You can ask Tom Ridgway about it. He knows what happened.


Mr. B.D. Shaffer currently resides in Vancover Washington.  Presented with his permission.  E-mail on file within West Texas Paranormal Organization.