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Fort Concho - Officers' Quarters Number 1


Recently, local paranormal investigators have shown increased interest in the many reported encounters with ghosts in Officers’ Quarters Number One (OQ1) at Fort Concho in San Angelo, Texas.  Two local paranormal research groups attempted to find evidence that support these ghost stories. (Texas Shadow Chasers 2007; San Angelo Paranormal Society 2008). Combined these two research groups provided tantalizing but inconclusive evidence to support claims of paranormal activity in OQ1. In this investigation, we tried to identify the sources for the paranormal claims in OQ1 by conducting witness interviews, reviewing historical documents, and examining contemporary ghost stories that surround Fort Concho. Next, we performed a formal paranormal investigation within OQ1 using modern technology to observe variations in electromagnetic force energy, infrared light reflection and absorption, and acoustical anomalies common in a haunting.


A paranormal investigation team using sophisticated electromagnetic detection and audiovisual recording equipment searched Officers’ Quarters One for evidence to debunk or support paranormal activity. The investigation resulted in debunking three claims and collecting evidence to support paranormal activity. The supporting evidence is audio recordings of a girl, a woman, and a male ghost, and one infrared video recording showing a ghost attempting to become visible. One of our findings is congruent with previous paranormal investigation.




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