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Built in 1928, San Angelo's old main fire station is a community icon.  Now the home of Healthy Families, WTPO was asked to investigate and report on some strange and bizarre activity reported by employees.

Radio and lights turning on and off by them self.  Shadows walking in and out of offices were the primary concern when WTPO investigated in March 2014 and July 2014.

Fire stations once were the center of gravity for any community.  Staffed around the clock vigilant heroes stood ready to respond at a moments notice.  Apparently some of these brave souls still remain at their post.

Our investigation revealed abnormal electromagnet fields that may account for light and radio malfunctions.  Our investigators captured EVPs of an emergency fire call and a staff meeting by fire fighters.  A free floating form kept investigators engaged for 20 minutes, and a quick orb dashed from an office into the hallway as if on a emergency response.

Free Floating Form



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