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Research and Development

West Texas Paranormal


Anyone who is into paranormal investigation (PI)  knows that PIs use adaptive technology.  Adaptive technology is using a tool for a job that is was not necessity intended.  Take for instance the mainstay of PI the K-2 meter.  The K-2 was designed for electricians to detect live wires and circuits from a safe distance.  A good PI is always on the look out for the next greatest tool.  Perhaps we have one for you!


The Digital Blue night vision video and still camera was designed with kids in mind.  It has the excitement of the real night vision technology with a fully functioning video camera. When the lights are out, the Night Vision Video Camera switches automatically from daytime recording to infrared (IR) illumination.  Designed for children over the age of eight, it's safer than night vision goggles because the eyes are never covered up.


From our perspective the Digital Blue Night Vision System (DBS) hits all the right notes.  The DBS is lightweight, battery operated, sleek, highly functional with on-board video, photograph,  digital voice recorder, and LED flashlight .  Tweak the IR LEDs, add a 2 GB SD card, and four high-end AA batteries and you have a hand-held system that is good for up to two-hours of recording.  Fully outfitted with batteries and 2GB card the entire unit will come in at $100.00.   Oh, and it has a cool sound when you turn it on!



A rear mounted thumb pad allows the user to turn on and off the unit, toggle between video and still camera, playback captured video or photos, and trash unwanted material.  A pistol grip trigger either snaps a photo or starts and stops the video recording.

The Digital Blue Night Vision System records video into Windows  XP, Vista, or 7