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Lone Wolf Crossing
Lone Wolf Crossing Bridge is the subject of numerous authors since it was built in 1888. The bridge was named for a Kiowa Apache chief  well known in this area for a battle with the 9th U.S. Cavalry from Fort Concho. It is said that Chief Lone Wolf’s son was killed in 1873 near this area during a battle and that the chief came here to take his son’s body home, but was driven away by soldiers. And this is where this story begins.

West Texas Paranormal holds regular training sessions for it members and workshops for want to be ghost hunters. We had heard about one particular ghost story involving Lone Wolf Crossing and thought that this would be a good place for a training session.  Legend has that Chief Lone Wolf’s spirit still haunts the area searching for his son. Over the years the Concho River has flooded overflowing its banks and wrecking havoc on the city of San Angelo and destroying the town of Ben Ficklin.  During one such flood story go that numerous bodies of flood victims were found along the riverbank below Lone Wolf Crossing Bridge.


People who know Lone Wolf Crossing warn that this is not a place for the faint hearted. The perfect place to train future paranormal investigators. On one particular evening with a full moon rising we set up our equipment for a workshop and training session. Within a few minutes all our battery-operated equipment went dead. One female investigator reported seeing a glowing orb rise from the Concho River and float towards Glenmore Park. We quickly regrouped and with fresh batteries began the training session again.
An investigators reports getting an eerie feeling below the traffic bridge so we congregate under the bridge to conduct EVP sessions and sweep the area with electromagnetic instruments. As an investigator is asking questions our Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) meter goes off and pegs the needle. Extremely Low Frequency energy is earth’s natural energy present during earthquakes and thunderstorms. Scientist think that it is this ELF energy that animals pick up on just before an earthquake. Using other electromagnetic instruments we tried to find the source of the ELF but were unsuccessful. Soon afterwards our battery-operated equipment went dead. Our Infrared cameras were plagued by static and disrupted signals.

During another training session on a new moon night, investigators heard a male voice telling them to hush, be quiet. The investigators were three women and one male who was in the background and did not talk. Also during this investigations people reported seeing a shadow move across the river.


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